Peningkatan Penjualan Olahan Opak Gambir Pada Industri Rumah Tangga Di Kota Kediri

Wiwiek Kusumaning Asmoro, Ellya Nurfarida, Mujahid Wahyu


One form of Home Industry (IRT) in this community service program is the processed business "Opak Gambir" which is made from tapioca flour which is one of the household industries in Kediri City. The purpose of this community service program is as an effort to overcome the problems faced by partners with the following stages 1). Making a machine / tool sealer for plastic packaging (countinuous sealer) because the current packaging is less dense and does not last long. 3) Provide training and business management assistance by making simple financial reports so that the finances are well ordered. 3) Promotion through online media, because at this time the promotion is still lacking so sales are not optimal. The Community Service Program is carried out within 8 months with a specific output target is to increase business partners in order to get maximum business profit. Outcomes: 1) Producing food packaging devices (countinuous sealers) to maintain quality and attractive packaging. 3) Generate training and assistance in the field of business management including making simple financial reports, especially in increasing sales and providing assistance in conducting promotions to be more effective.


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