Analisis Pengembangan UMKM Krecek dan Pengembangan BUMDES Desa Badang Ngoro Jombang
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Mardi Astutik, & Zanuar Rizqi Ramadhani. (2023). Analisis Pengembangan UMKM Krecek dan Pengembangan BUMDES Desa Badang Ngoro Jombang. SNEB : Seminar Nasional Ekonomi Dan Bisnis Dewantara, 5(1), 83-88.


In Badang Village, Ngoro District, Jombang Regency, there are many businesses making krecek, where this business is a source of livelihood for the local population. In its development, MSMEs in Badang Village need digital marketing to increase sales figures significantly and achieve appropriate targets. The implementation method is carried out in the community services program by outreaching to the public about the importance of developing MSMEs through Digital Marketing. And community services is also focused on BUMDes Badang Village, BUMDes are village business institutions managed by the community and village government in an effort to strengthen the village economy and are formed based on village needs and potential. BUMDes Rizki Berkah is a Village-Owned Enterprise located in Badang Village, Ngoro District, Jombang Regency. This BUMDes provides photocopies, ATK, groceries, container rental. As a result of this activity, businesses are starting to consider digital marketing and want to learn more about its implementation. From the positive results of the activities it is hoped that the village and sub-district and district governments will be able to support and continue the programs being implemented.

Keywords: Badang Village, MSMEs, BUMDes
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)


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