Pengembangan Digital Marketing Untuk Produk “UMKM Bilqis Fresh” Di Desa Karangdagangan
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Lilik, & Sinta A Paramita. (2023). Pengembangan Digital Marketing Untuk Produk “UMKM Bilqis Fresh” Di Desa Karangdagangan. SNEB : Seminar Nasional Ekonomi Dan Bisnis Dewantara, 5(1), 39-44.


Karangdatangan Village has a lot of potential for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, especially in Dusun Doro there is one of the drivers for MSME products for lemon bilqis fresh drink, but the marketing potential for this product can be said to be less than optimal. This community service activity in Karangdatangan Village, especially in Dusun Doro, aims to optimize the marketing of lemon drink products through digital marketing practices so that they become products that have economic value. This PKM activity was carried out intensively for 1 month in February 2023 with a schedule agreed between the writing team and the fostered partners. From the results of intensive socialization activities and digital marketing practices that have been carried out, satisfactory results can be obtained. Foster partners can be said to be able to increase sales turnover and expand market segmentation through online marketing via shopee, tiktok, and Instagram. Partners also have their own NIB and PIRT and have their own product logo. From the results of the activities that have been carried out, it is hoped that this program can be continued by the local Village Government so that the fostered partners will develop further.

Keywords: Strategy, development, MSMEs, SWOT.
PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)


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